Mount Elgon National Park Travel Guide

A Complete Guide to Mount Elgon National Park, with travel information on what to do, where to go, things to see, maps & guides, where to stay, tips & advice. This is the most complete guide to hiking Mount Elgon with complete travel information to help you plan a trip to the park & the neighboring areas.

Mount Elgon is one of the best Uganda safari destinations located in Mbale and Sironko districts in Uganda and it is the eighth highest mountain in Africa. This mountain rises from the largest base of any freestanding mountain in the entire world. Mount Elgon was formed as a result of the tectonic activity that created the Rift valley and other volcanic features many years ago.

Mesmerising Mount Elgon

Imagine an ancient mountain, a volcano that has been standing solitary and silent for millennia, its base one of the largest in the world, its springs feeding numerous rivers and waterfalls, its rich soil nourishing communities across two countries and where you can wander the uncrowded trails to its summit at over four thousand meters (or fourteen thousand feet).

Mount Elgon is a bit of a secret. Its mesmerizing beauty and the unhurried tempo of the surrounding communities make this region an ideal place to relax, breathe in plenty of fresh air and be refreshed.

The tallest peak of Mount Elgon form a jagged circle around the caldera and has a diameter of about eight kilometers which is dotted with small crater lakes as well as the hot springs created by the Pleistocene glacial activity.

The tallest peak is well known as Wagagai which is set on the Uganda side of the border and lies on the southwest caldera rim.  There are other peaks like the Mubiyi in the north, Kiongo in the south and the Jackson’s summit in the East.

The local people known as the Bagisu call the mountain Masaba, a name that was derived from their founding ancestors who is said to have appeared from a cave on the slopes many years ago. Meanwhile there was a European called Joseph Thomson who was the first to reach the mountain’s lower slopes and came nearer to it from the Masaai land.

On this Guide

Find out more about the mountain, where to hike, where to stay, trekking information, a bit of history, communities that live on and around the mountain and much more.

We focus on the part of the mountain that falls inside Uganda as this is what we know a bit about.

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